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What is Cents2Sense?
Cents2Sense is a powerful standalone application that can allow for management, forcasting, of multiple accounts without the need to dock to your desktop computer. Something VERY important if you are out on the road much.

What does the Trial version not do?
The only difference between the trial and purchased versions is the balance is covered up after 15 entries in the trial version. The purchased version is the same executable you downloaded here.

What format are the data files?
.csv or Comma Seperated Values. more info can be read about .csv files Here The specific format looks like this.
[date],[transaction state],[Description],[value]

Here is an example taken from the sample account installed during install of C2S:

1/1/09,x,Starting Balance,2100.00
1/5/09,x,Visa Payment,-200.00
1/9/09,x,Pay Check,550.00
1/11/09,x,Cable bill,-76.28
1/15/09,x,Home Loan,-458.34
1/22/09,x,Gas Co Inc,-176.80

How can I get my current account data into C2S?
Just about ALL banks provide a means to download your account transaction into .CSV format. But many provide extra info and the top and the bottom. Items like begginning balance, or ending balance, etc. using Microsoft's Excel seems to be the easiest ways to delete all rows

In this case we need to delete the items I have marked in red and add a new column I have marked in green.
To get your starting balance in sync. copy Excel column E8 to D8.
I entered x's in B8-B11 to mark these as reconsiled, but you don't have to do this step. You can do this inside the C2S application if you desire.

After changing the columns as seen above, you can see we are left with the below. All that is now needed is to resave the results to a .csv [File][Save as] select the "Save as type:" as "CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)".

You now have a file in the proper format to be used by C2S.