The best stand alone Financial application for your PocketPc!
To receive a registration code, send $19.95US to Pat Ellison's PayPal account pat@zbit.net.
BE SURE SET AND EMAIL ME the Owner's name of your pocket pc [start/settings/Owner Information] in your PayPal purchase email/submission.

I will reply using the PayPal system and the 'Tracking number' I return to you will be your code to place in the boxes above. Using PayPal provides protection for both sides. You get secure handling of your transaction and I gain verifiable proof I sent you the application unlock code. Perfect for both sides.

----Example of a real transaction--------------
Seller's Name: Pat Ellison
Seller's Email: pat@zbit.net
Transaction ID: ABCD123456
Transaction Date: Jan, 01, 20xx
Transaction Amount: $19.95 USD

The seller has provided the following Shipment Tracking Information for your review:

Shipping Company: Here is your Application Code
Shipment Tracking Number: 111 222 333 444 555

The seller has provided the following Order Status information for your review:

Order Status: Shipped
---Example End------------

From the received code above, enter the code into the boxes supplied.

Then press the Save ment item.

Cents2Sense was designed and tested on: Dell X51V, HTC Tilt, HTC Fuse, WM5 and WM6.0/6.1 Email me with others that it works perfectly on.
I wrote this application because I was tired of trying to use a stripped down version of a real application. Application developers need to realize that the Pocket PC is NOT just a toy! I actually use this program daily and it’s the ONLY item I use to manage my finances. It’s not a sync-able side of a real application. It is the real application. If there is a feature that you think would make this a better application I ask you to email me and ask for it. Either way if you like Cents2Sense let me know why your impressions of it are.